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 8 Week Intro to Pole Series - Everyone is strong enough, sexy enough, and the perfect size enough to take an intro to pole class! This is THE best place to start. Learn sexy moves and the fundamentals of how to do a spin and a climb. In Intro to Pole we take more time to break things down to create an environment that's easy to learn in and free of intimidation. You're welcome to take Intro as many times as you'd like! Heels recommended (it’s easier than you think. You’ve got the pole to hold you up!) Wearing shorts above the knee and no lotion will help you stick to the pole and learn brand new pole tricks!

6 Week Beginner 1 Pole Series - This is what comes after the Intro series. You will learn a different spin and a climb (and reviewing what you already know) in every class while stringing them together with sexy dance moves. It's a great way to practice a multitude of spins, climbs and transitions between dance moves. Heels are recommended! *|Prerequisite: Intro to Pole or equivalent|*

6 Week Beginner 2 Pole Series - Similar to Beginner 1 Pole you will learn a different climb and a spin in each class but amping it up with combo spins and more strength building climbs. Beginner 2, like most classes, always includes a dance element to help improve and enhance quality of movement while on the pole. Heels are recommended! *|Prerequisite: Completion of Beginner 1 Pole or equivalent|*

Beginner Pole Tricks - Foundations - Dive deep, practice, repeat and build upon your repertoire of pole "tricks". The key to nailing your moves is repetition. This class is great for learning to make unique, pretty shapes with your body on the pole! It's also great for perfecting beginner spins, spin combos, climbs and building strength and conditioning for inverts! Have the opportunity to practice moves on spin pole and static pole. *|Prerequisite: 4 Intro to pole classes or equivalent|*

Intermediate Pole Tricks - Dive even deeper into the world of pole "tricks." Work on multiple tricks and pretty shapes in succession. This class is perfect for really nailing intermediate spins and spin combos, climbing moves, and inverts on spin and static pole. This class will help you build your strength and technique to perfect your favorite tricks. Feel free to suggest moves you'd like to work on! *|Prerequisite: 4 months of Beginner Pole Trick classes or equivalent|

Beginner Spinning Pole - Foundations - This class is suitable for students who have some experience with static pole spins, climbing and basic holds. Spin pole feels very different to static. We must first learn how to control our bodies in motion, speed up and slow down. Initially this will be a new challenge for your muscles and coordination. In just a few weeks you will develop a strong grip and increase upper body strength. The Spin Pole may make some skills feel easier as the spin generates a dynamic energy that will assist you in the air when transitioning. In our fundamentals class we will cover spins that are unique to spin pole, vertical tricks, mounts, dismounts and condition for inverting! *|Prerequisite: 4 Intro to Pole classes or equivalent|*

Intermediate Spinning Pole - For all our frequent flyers this level is a fun world of tricks and strong spins performed mainly from a climb or inversion. There is so much beauty in spin, the motion transforms simple shapes into spiraling spectacles and the feeling is like dancing in the sky with the odd moment of pole friction. This class will focus on conditioning and fluidity which enhance control and develop graceful technique. *|Prerequisite: 4 months of Beginner Spin Pole or equivalent|*

Sexy Slow Spin Pole - Sexy slow flow to slow jams - on the spin pole! This is a choreography class utilizing the spin pole to incorporate dynamic spinning elements into dance. Using a combination of flow and exotic dance styles – this class will focus on spin pole control, elongating movements & fluidity – set to slow sexy music! The goal of this class is to use spin pole in combination with choreography. Spin pole adds a really pretty element while dancing. Using skating & spin qualities to create more dynamic flow, this class adapts static pole dance elements onto spin pole. *|Prerequisite: 4 Intro to Pole classes or equivalent|*

Beginner Pole Flow - Like pole tricks but LOVE choreography? Then this class is for you! Beginner Pole Flow focuses on the dancing and movement aspect of pole. Get slow and sexy, and delve into the sensual side of pole to find your own personal style! Whether you are new to pole, or have taken classes - all are welcome! We're going to break down all those hip movements, body rolls and footwork using choreography each week so you can focus on getting in the groove! *|Kneepads required - heels recommended|*

Advanced Beginner Sexy Pole Choreo- Learn sexy choreography to sexy music while feeling sexy with your sexy self. This class will focus on slinky, exotic, sensual, sometimes dirty, pole and floor work. You'll have time to repeat and really dive deep in to the movement and feel your sexy. |Prerequisite: At least 4 months of consistent pole training|

Intermediate Pole Flow - This is a more advanced choreography based class for anyone who wants to start working on turning their movement in to butta, practicing the often over looked transition moments or for those of you that prefer dancing on the pole as opposed to drilling and nailing tricks. This class is all about finding your ooey gooey, yummy like butta movement quality. *|Prerequisite: 6 months of Beginner Pole Flow or equivalent|*

Beginner Exotic Pole - This is an introductory class that teaches the sultry, sexy side of Pole dance. Choreographed routines will include plenty of body waves, hair whips, heel clacks, booty pops, and so much more! Learn how to lead movement with confidence, fluidity, and expression.

XXX Rated Pole - That's right! This class is extra. Like, XXX extra - for all the ladies out there that want to push their own boundaries, embrace their inner stripper, take it all off, and get seriously- and we mean seriously -down and dirty in a safe space. Join Jennie in the art of slow, intense, striptease & seduction. She'll choreograph everything for you so you can work on engaging your audience (your cell phone) and be your own cam girl - strip down to pasties (we've got electrical tape) or strip down to a g string each week.For anyone who feels like women's bodies and sensuality are censored way too much... come work it out.(This class will sometimes incorporate chair & lap dance choreo) *|Strip Tease optional - we want you to dance at your own comfort level, but is HIGHLY encouraged*

Sexy Sunday Slow Jams - It's Sunday.... we're gonna take it nice and easy, but also keep it super sexy, of course! This class is one part exotic choreography, one part slow flow. Meaning - less thinking, more dancing and slowing down movement to find your own personal style. The goal of this class is for students to have time with each movement while dancing so you can really focus on how your body moves, and how your body wants to move.

Floor Play - Slinky, liquid Goddess of the Floor! Floor work is an important part of a well rounded pole dancers' repertoire. This class will focus on all those amazing moves you see dancers do on the floor that makes your brain freak out. How do they do it? We will teach you! Shoulder rolls, kip up like movements, sexy, slinky slithering, transitioning from standing to the floor and back up with liquid ease. All Levels Welcome.

Stretchy Flexy - A flexibility class geared towards the pole dancer. Splits and backbending are an important part of pole training. The more flexible you are the more exciting moves you'll be able to perfect on the pole! We will use different modalities to increase range of motion in the hips and back. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll have a great time because each week we will leave more flexible than we came in!

Inversion Series - Come get comfortable upside down! Once you're there you won't want to leave!This six week series is great for anyone who is new to inverting and would like to build some badass strength! Learn all the pretty, wowing beginner invert poses on the pole. We will also build on conditioning exercises each week that will help develop your core muscles to have you inverting like a champ. Here are a few moves you can expect to learn: Classic straddle invert, outside leg hang (with pretty variations), inside leg hang (with pretty variations), cross leg lay back, straight leg lay back, Jade, Butterfly, Superperson from inside leg hang, Crucifix, Pike, Chopper, Trap Mount Invert and more!



Hip Hop Fitness - Hip Hop Fitness is a lead and follow format class with fun, easy to learn moves that help work up a sweat! Increase your cardio while having fun dancing to new and old R&B and Hip-Hop. Come join the hip-hop family!

Boss Chick Dance Workout -The Boss Chick Dance Workout is a hadcore Hip Hop, Dancehall & Afrobeats dance workout that will have women poppin, lockin and droppin their way to a bangin' new body. The class features dance combinations in the styles of Hip Hop, Dancehall, Twerk and Afrobeats dance along with a core strength training series and cool down stretch.

Sexy Chair Dance (4 week series) - Get your booty popping, body rolling, hair whipping, chair working it dance on in this 4 week series. Learn an entire dance with a chair that will allow you to express and indulge in your fierce, sexy feminine side. Learn the endless amounts of creativity and sexy that are available when dancing with a chair. No dance experience needed!

Twerk Aerobics - Twerk Aerobics is all your booty and exercise dreams come true! This class is action packed and will kick your booty in the best way. You will learn the fundamentals of each of the twerk moves and positions, drill those moves, and put it all together in to a twerk routine that will satisfy all your twerking needs!This class is an amazing aerobic workout and will give you the skills to twerk anywhere and everywhere! Let our certified Twerk Technicians "twerk you out"!

Bellydance - Learn to string together bellydance moves into seamless combinations. Focus on all the juicy moves that make us go "oooooooh," including undulations up and down, figure 8 variations, umis, shoulder rolls, chest circles and anything juicy. Take time to practice and learn more about one of bellydance's most difficult and most beloved move, the shimmy! From the basics of isolations & shimmis to Street Shaabi, Temple Fusion, and more, we offer different styles of bellydance classes and series suitable for all levels!

Dance Pop! - Unleash your inner-vixen with movement and energy inspired by some of your favorite pop artists! Each month we will focus on a truly iconic performer with fresh choreography and lots of positivity! Each class will have new music from the artist and a fun routine. This class is designed for all-levels, from the seasoned showstopper to the babe who mostly just saves their moves for their living room. All gender identities, body sizes, and ages welcome! 

Dirty Dancing- Dirty Dancing is all about unleashing your inner goddess! We'll be getting down and dirty with several different sexy styles of dancing - suitable for all levels. Learn a new combo every week to a sexy blues song and let your sensuality shine! Wear something that makes you feel sexy! There will be floor work! Leg warmers or kneepads recommended.

Burlesque Striptease Workshops- These are often offered around Valentine's Day and Christmas. Two hours of fun, girly time learning an entire striptease to playful, sexy music.

Specialty Workshops - From Pole Doubles to Guest Teachers keep an eye out for our specialty workshops!



$185 for UNLIMITED CLASSES! Think of us as the most fun gym you've ever been a member of! We have classes that build strength, are extremely aerobic, build coordination and balance and are FUN so that you keep wanting to come back without having to talk yourself in to it each time! You have access to any class we offer with the membership.