New York City

I think I'll have a beer while I write. This blogging session will last as long as my beer.

I've been in New York City just shy of a month. I've found a place to live, all on my own! (and my 2 cats) in a beautiful neighborhood steps away from Prospect Park. I love being near the park. For those of you that don't know New York City well Prospect Park is way cooler than Central Park. Like Central Park, and the Biltmore grounds, Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. Prospect has it's slightly more manicured parts, like most of Central Park, but mainly it consists of wide open fields and woodsy trails that actually make you feel you're in nature, which in NYC can be hard to come by. I haven't done any research on it but I like to think that Prospect Park is Frederick's beautiful hippie baby that he set free, with a structure of course, but it just feels more intuitive and that's why I love it.  

It's Friday night and it kind of sounds (many sounds, like 4 different people's sound systems at any given time) like people are cruising the street I live on. Now I know there's better things to do in New York than that.

Since I've been here, 3 and a half weeks ago, I have gone to 3 dance classes, 5 runs, 4 visits to the gym, 1 audition, 2 burlesque shows and probably 15 visits to different Whole Foods. I don't have my stuff here yet and because I'm still in the process of gathering a job I'm not taking 100 dance classes a week and performing 10 hundred times a month. I'm going to make some money first and then take the hell out of some House dance classes, Hip Hop, Pole dancing, Jazz, Ballet, maybe throw some Modern in there ;) and do what I love to do most which is share dance with you! It is so important for us to have dance in our lives. And I want to experience more so that I have more to share. Dance is so important to me. You are so important to me. Sharing dance with you is SO important to me.

Well, I haven't finished my beer (it's high gravity!) but the only words that will come out after this sentence will just be sounds, with facial expressions, that might look something like this:

Good night :)