November in New York

Danceclub Asheville Blog

Oh November in New York! I do believe I have made the most of my second month in New York taking 12 dance classes, going to 4 burlesque shows, 1 comedy show, getting two jobs, cooking 1 turkey, reuniting with my cats and driving them 12 hours to my cozy studio, finishing two books whilst riding the subway and baking a batch of cookies.

Oh the dance! There are so many dance classes to take I have to keep reminding myself to STAY FOCUSED, and when I do it feels good because each style is so different and very specific that it takes commitment and dedicating time to really understand it and get it, not just fake it. This month my focus has been on burlesque, house, stiletto heels, pole, and ballet. That’s all!

Performance wise I’ve learned so much from watching burlesque shows. It’s a whole other ball game here and people ain’t messin’ around. Costumes are incredible, ideas and characters and execution and ability to connect with their audience are all incredible. There are at least 3 different burlesque shows you could go to almost any night of the week. The venues are beautiful, unique, classic, teeny, cozy, and surprising. Many of them are creating a stage out of a corner of the room in a bar and they do it in such a way that you think, well of course that’s exactly where a burlesque dancer should be. It feels authentic and tangible and more vintage.

I keep being reminded (I don’t know why I’m forgetting, duh) how freakin’ fun burlesque shows are! It’s so much more than just going to a show. Especially in these smaller, less traditional venues it really makes for an interactive, inclusive, seductive, touchy feely, flirty, playful good time. The smaller, less traditional venues also means that I have to miniaturize all of my numbers to make them fit! It’s a fun challenge and a nice reason to rework them anyway.

To conclude and send you off with a message to hold dear to your heart until the December edition; a little note from my very secret and private diary:

I was looking back at one of my diary entries and I had underlined and starred something that I thought said, “Be as PROVOCATIVE as you can possibly be!” and I thought, Hell Yeah! That’s awesome! I don’t remember writing that but that is awesome and exactly what I need to do and exactly what I wanted to hear from myself! And then I looked a little closer and realized that I had actually written, Be ProACTIVE, which is also great and a good message but you know, more common place, something we’re probably always striving for, we’ve told ourselves a hundred times, boring. We’ve said it before and yeah, duh, be proactive, but what I want to challenge you with, as I challenge myself, is to be as PROACTIVELY PROVOCATIVE or PROVOCATIVELY PROACTIVE as you can possibly be!

So go out there, have fun, embrace your provocative side, and PROVACTIVICATE all over the place! I’ll be over here doing the same!