Flashmobs are Pure Fun!

Flashmobs by Danceclub Asheville

Get your flashmobs here!  DANCECLUB will help your flashmob dreams come true! You create the scenario, and DANCECLUB will choreograph the dance, teach you the dance, and get the whole mob up and running.

  • Surprise Parties
  • Proposals
  • Weddings
  • Because It's Really Freaking Fun
  • Festivals
  • Promote Your Business
  • Grand Openings
  • To Spread Spontaneity and Randomness Throughout The Land!

There is no idea too wild and crazy for DANCECLUB to take on. Think big, think wacky, think costumes to tie it all together.

Flashmobs are a great way to create camaraderie between employees and classmates, a fun way to bring people together, to surprise, and give people that opportunity to perform in a low-key, no-pressure scenario.  Flashmobs are a great promotional tool for your business.  Get your message across loud and clear.

Or maybe you just want to surprise your grandmother on her 80th birthday.

Flashmob Videos by Danceclub Asheville

Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance flashmob at Downtown After Five in Asheville, NC

Thriller" Flashmob at Moogfest, Asheville, NC

Disco flashmob with kids from Claxton Elementary, as part of L.E.A.F. in Schools and Streets program, at L.E.A.F. in Black Mountain, NC, after just 5 classes with the kids!

Dance I choreographed to "Maniac" for my Monday night "Dance Undercover" Jazz/Funk class. Performed in a delightful, local grocery store, Asheville, NC.

"Walk It Out" Bob Fosse's choreography to "Walk It Out" flash mobbed at the last Bele Chere, Asheville, NC