Pole Dancing Curriculum at Danceclub Asheville

Pole Dancing Classes in Asheville

Pole Dancing for EVERYONE...

DANCECLUB Asheville has 5 poles for your spinning, climbing, and inverting pleasure. We are excited to be the only pole studio in Asheville, NC certified by New York Pole Dancing, the first pole studio to open in New York City.

EVERYONE is welcome from complete beginners to advanced polers. We have a class that fits everyone's level and interest. Thinking you're not strong or flexible enough is not a good reason to stay away!  Pole dancing is exactly the way to build strength and flexibility! It feels good, so good it's addictive.



We start a new series every 3 to 4 weeks. Click HERE to find the next start date!

Start from the beginning and learn the fundamentals of spins, climbs, and sexy dance moves on the static and spin pole. This concentrated eight week series is great for building strength and a quicker understanding of the mechanics, timing, and grace that is helpful for pole dancing.

We will focus on the static pole for the first 6 weeks and move to an introduction of the beauty of spin pole for the last two. Open Pole time in between your classes is a great way to get really comfortable and confident with everything you'll learn.
Pole dancing is fun, an amazing workout, and sensually expressive. Enjoy learning with the same group of students each week who are all brand new to pole.

Bring heels because they are fun to dance in and a lot less intimidating than they seem! Wear shorts that come at least 2 inches above the knee. Do not wear lotion.

If you're unable to commit to a series right now try the Saturday Intro/Beginner Pole class that happens every week at 1:30. Drop-in anytime, $15!

After the 8 Week Intro Series You're Ready For:


This series is perfect for anyone who has just completed the Intro to Pole Series or who has been studying pole consistently for 2 months or more and is ready to take their practice to the next level. In this six week series we will work on spin combinations, more additions to climbing and floor work. Learning and growing your skills with the same group every week is a great way to stay inspired and connected to all the fun pole dancing has to offer! You are encouraged to go to Open Pole classes to practice what you've learned each week. Also available as a drop-in class if approved by the instructor.


BEGINNER SPINNING POLE: Currently a drop-in class on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM

This series is great for anyone brand new to the spinning pole. Take the opportunity to play with the magic, amazing fluidity and power of spin pole.
This series will no doubt make you stronger and introduce you to some of the most beautiful spins, climbs and shapes that can be made on the pole.
Learning with the same group each week in a supportive, fun environment is encouraging and can increase your ability to build skills more quickly! This 6 week series is a great way to learn as it is cumulative and consistent, adding new skills and techniques each week.



This series is for students who have completed the Intro and Beginner 1 series or who has been studying pole consistently for 4 months or more and is ready to take their practice to the next level. Working on more challenging spins, climbs, dance moves and conditioning for inverting.


ADVANCED BEGINNER: You can stay in this class until you and/or the instructor decides you're ready for Intermediate.

Working on inverting! Inverted straddle, leg hangs, shoulder mount, push pull grips and other beginner to advanced beginner inverts.



This series is good for anyone that has gone through at least the Intro to Spinning Pole series or gets permission from the instructor. Please feel free to ask if you're unsure. Working on more challenging spin pole combos that may involve inverting! This class is great for building your spin pole vocabulary and strength.



For polers who have been studying pole consistently for at least 9 to 10 months.


FAQ's for Pole:

Q: Where can I buy a pole to put up in my home?!

A: Great question! If you're unable to make it to regular Open Pole sessions getting a pole for your home is a great way to progress! X Pole has the best reputation for home poles. They are tension mounted, easy to put up and extremely sturdy and safe. We recommend, like Danceclub's poles,  a 45 mm, chrome pole. Click the link below to take a look and purchase your home pole!


Q: What should I wear?

A: Shorts, Booty shorts!, or anything that comes at least 2 inches above the knee. You need your skin to grab the pole and climb your way to ecstasy!

Q: Should I wear lotion?

A: NO! Big ol NO! Again, you need your skin to grip with and moistened legs will not help. It will also make the pole slippery for everyone else.

Q: Is pole dancing a good workout, like so good I don't need to go to the gym?

A: Pole dancing is an amazing workout!! It is our favorite workout, especially for your upper body and core! Plus it just happens to be about 200 million times more fun (for most).

Q: Should I be intimidated or nervous about taking my first pole class?

A: Absolutely not! Everyone that comes to their first pole class is in exactly your shoes, a complete beginner, trying something completely new, with no idea of what it's going to be like. It's good to try new things, especially in a fun, inviting community of people just like you!